how to wash xero shoes

Sadly, even though they are the same size as my sneakers, they are too snug length-wise. So, they’ll be returned, and there are no more in the size I want (ugh!) . I’ve used different insoles and actually prefer the insoles from Vivobarefoot with them. A lot of insole packages allow you to open and try them out before buying. The biggest trick is finding one that’s wide enough by the heel.

I use the term ultra-minimalist to represent the bare bones. You might as well have hobbit feet if you’re wearing these. These companies know about trimming it down and all have at least one model that fits this criteria. Eco and Vegan-friendly materials — the Cassie has a hemp canvas upper which means you can wash it with soap and water. Natural FEEL — the Cassie uses the 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole. That means you get protection while still letting you feel the sensations that your feet want.

  • Chronology – They look like they have a heel, but they don’t.
  • If I had one complaint it would be that I have to tie the shoes.
  • But the lengths of the shoes inside can vary (aren’t you glad for reviews like this?).
  • Another plus was that even though the trails have been muddy on several of my hikes the tread patterns does not clog up with mud.
  • Lems commitment to sustainability means using vegan, organic, and recycled materials as much as possible.
  • The toe boxes are nice and wide while still looking phat.

Walking on gravel or other uneven surfaces felt like a massage. As they point out on their website, your feet are second only to your hands and lips in sensitivity, feeling the ground under your feet is a pleasant sensation. Still, we would love for these shoes to hold up against all of our adventures. Xero Shoes Hana Men’s InsoleThere is a 5,000-mile warranty on these soles. As of this review, Xero claims that if you wear through the outsoles within 5,000 miles, they’ll replace them for 60% off the retail price. We haven’t had a reason to test them on this yet, so your mileage may vary. I keep my shoes in a well-ventilated area and clean them frequently.

What Happened To Xero Shoes After The Shark Tank?

Walking is very essential part of our daily routine. But sometimes it becomes difficult to walk properly.

how to wash xero shoes

The women’s styles will fit more narrow than the men’s. If you are a man with a narrow foot, then you may be prefer the “women’s” sizes. If you are a woman with a wider foot, then you may want to try the “men’s” styles. If you love the style of one of our water resistant shoes, you can enhance their ability to repel water by adding a waterproof coating, like a Scotch Guard spray or beeswax. Xero Shoes is about promoting the benefits of natural movement, first and foremost.

How Do You Clean Prio Xero Shoes?

You should add about 1.2 cm to your foot length to determine your shoe size. I compared my measurements to the length insole on the sizing chart and that put me just above a size 37. With the 38 I have enough room for my toes and it doesn’t feel too big. The shoe is quite light despite appearances, wide, and has a bit more thickness on the sole, whilst still retaining flexibility.

First, mix the two ingredients in the water tub and soak the barefoot shoes for an hour. Cold weather and mud give a hard time to the barefoot shoe uppers. However, regular care will extend the shoes’ lifespan, how to wash xero shoes and here are the ways to clean barefoot shoe uppers. The TerraFlex fits like the Prio, and has a wider toe box than conventional men’s shoes. There are two types of designs – open toe and closed toe.

However, when wearing my thick soled trail runners I always missed the sensation of going barefooted. With the TerraFlex I feel almost barefoot without having to worry much about what I was walking over and my hiking speed is the same as when wearing regular shoes. I also like the way the shoes stayed relatively free of any debris. I would prefer to hike in sandals in hot weather but found they slowed me down because I had to spend so much time removing small stick or pebbles from under my feet. They’re still wide, zero-drop, and super lightweight at less than 7 oz. The toe box is wide, but doesn’t look too square or odd. The Feelgrounds Original are a casual lace-up shoe.

These have a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, so while not exactly a minimal shoe, these are a great pick for transitioning. A few weeks ago, I realized my Atra Instict shoes were nearing the end of their life, and it was time to buy a new pair. Naturally, the Altras appealed to the part of me that likes familiarity. However, having worn various zero-drop and minimal shoes over the years, and having already tried Altra shoes, I decided to try something different this time around. I kept notes on all the places I found the shoes I like so I wouldn’t need to keep looking things up. This unisex model from Muki Shoes are a flexible, vegan option. Made mostly out of cotton it should help with the breathability issues you might sometimes find with leather / nubuck or polyester.

I like the Xero Shoes Prio for casual running sessions. I’ve used this model for some lighter and shorter runs along with some conditioning work and I’ve liked them overall. The 5,000-mile sole warranty is also a nice perk to keep in mind with this model when running outside also. There are four major pros that I think come along with the Xero Shoes Prio when performing compared to other barefoot shoe models.

Who Made An Investment In Xero Shoes?

Some brands have different sizing charts based on gender, age group, height, etc. For a pair of new Xero Shoes Prio, you can expect to pay $89.99 USD. Compared to other barefoot shoes on the market, this is a pretty great price point especially for the versatility that comes along with this model.

MukiShoes was founded in 2019 by Madlen and Marta, whose goal was to create a minimalist shoe out of natural materials that looked great. Lems keeps the design pretty simple for their causal shoes, which means they’ll go well with pretty much anything. I think they’ve done a great job with the style; they look good enough that even if you’re not sold on barefoot or minimalist shoes, you may just pick them out for looks. They come in spruce green, varsity blue, and black. Lems were my first foray into minimalist shoes when I started wearing the Mesas, a minimalist hiking shoe.

how to wash xero shoes

They are driven by producing a good product that they believe in. They are particular about making sure the shoe fits, and even have online templates you can use to make sure the fit will work. Xero Shoes Hana Men’s CompressionThe men’s size 9 clocks in at 8oz each, which is super lightweight. Again, this is not only helpful for packing, but for wearing these shoes.

Shrinking Leather

However, barefoot runners do report more calf and achilles tendon injuries. This suggests that people who transition too quickly to barefoot activities may overload their muscles and tendons. Check whether the shoe is durable and easy to maintain. For example, leather shoes are easier to keep clean compared to synthetic materials. I’ve been in the fitness and strength training industry for nearly a decade.

how to wash xero shoes

Remove the coarse dirt on shoe uppers with a brush. The main reason I want a pair of Xero Shoes is because they are comfortable and affordable. Sashen wanted to prolong the barefoot experience in locations where foot covering was essential. He created his own modern huarache-style sandal inspired by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyon. Its stride altered as a result of running barefoot, and his ailments subsided.

Best Running Shoe

Some leathers will take the paint better if they’re deglazed first, so you might want to consider that . You can also just go right ahead and paint over your shoe (at least wipe it down first though!).

Lots of grey on the shoes, would have liked to see more of the forest green. Sara went with the Forest women’s US 8 and I went with the black men’s US 9.

It’s best to wear your barefoot shoes every day; the more and the longer, the better. Genuine leather shoes should get a break every two days, so they can breathe. Wearing our barefoot shoes trains your sense of balance and your coordination. Someone hears the term barefoot shoe, many people immediately think of shoe with a conspicuous toe.

  • Feelgrounds’ mission is to make barefoot shoes available and appealing to more people, and they did that with their clean, cool styling.
  • Made with our extra-wide toe box, this fun, lightweight shoe easily transitions from work to play, carrying you through your day in comfort and style.
  • If you are looking for your next pair of shoes, check out our Shoe Finder to see many of the options currently available.
  • XERO DROP SOLE FOR PERFECT POSTURE – The Xero Drop sole offers a non-elevated heel and is…
  • The design is so simple and clean, these look great with everything.
  • Plus, air travel and long hikes may cause your feet to swell—a wider toe box allows this to happen without your feet getting squashed.

They are ultra wide in the toe box, water resistant, lined with warm wool, and so soft. Some shoes change color with them, or leather changes its color when it gets wet. To modify the color of my barefoot shoes, I use shoe polish that gives a new shine to the shoe uppers. No, do not wash Vivobarefoot shoes in a washing machine as it will cause damage to the shoe bonding. Instead of using a washing machine, clean them with a wet soapy sponge or cloth. Our All Weather footwear are all water resistant or waterproof.

Sure, your shoes won’t be the centerpiece of your outfit, but they won’t offend anyone either. Then take a damp cloth to remove stubborn marks.

Adjusting Fit

In all my hiking I never experience any rubbing or toe pinch and certainly no blisters. This is quite remarkable when taking into account that most of my trail miles were on steep terrain and often on solid rock or hard roots. Here are a couple of photos of typical trail conditions. The Prime is Be Lenka’sclassic, low top minimalist leather sneaker. These come in black and white, but you can also get these in bright yellow, red or pink if you’re looking for more color.

To clean my barefoot shoes, I use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties, and baking soda is an excellent deodorizer. That said, Allbirds Runners aren’t running shoes — even though they’re called “Runners”. If you want running shoes, get the Allbirds Dashers.

And there are actually a type of canvas called “duck canvas” that’s more water-resistant than plain canvas. One is a spray that any shoe store or even Target or Walmart will have that you can spray on a shoe that will make it waterproof.

In a lifting setting, I love how the Xero Shoes Prio perform. For my barbell work, this model feels super low to the ground and the removable insole is a nice perk to really ground the feet during heavy deadlift sessions. In addition, the wider toe box is great for promoting full toe splay.

I used a different hammock that didn’t have the interior ridgeline a couple of times and just placed them on the ground beside my hammock. If I had one complaint it would be that I have to tie the shoes. I know that sounds lazy but I’m not very flexible and slightly overweight. However, slip on shoes would not be up to the hiking conditions I encounter so it is just part of the game. For a high-top barefoot casual shoe, check out Xero Shoe’s Toronto. The uppers are made of hemp canvas, and like the Hana, this shoe also features the 5.5 mm rubber outsole. Xero Shoes focuses on running and hiking shoes, but they have several zero-drop casual shoes too.